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Less buttons, more immersion: addendum December 14, 2009

Posted by Cesar in thinking me.
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Hi folks. I know, after three huge posts, another one about this is definitely too much. But  for completeness sake, I just have to do it.

What motivated the whole immersion subject was my interest in Project Natal. So that’s what I mentioned every time I talked about it. But it wouldn’t be right to neglect other efforts on the same field. My curiosity about Project Natal made me take a closer look into both the new PS3 motion controller and the already released Wii MotionPlus. Although they have a different concept, Natal being controller free and the others being wand based, all of them try to achieve the same goal, which is to increase immersion by either making controls more transparent or more engaging.

I think the philosophical prize has to go to Microsoft, not using controllers is the ultimate goal. But it is unquestionable that the wand makes some things much easier, specially for hardcore games. Pointing things, be they pens or guns, and swinging objects, golf clubs or swords, are part of a huge segment of games. And the mechanic is easier to simulate with a wand (although not impossible without it I must say).

I can actually see them going in different directions with each technology. No matter how they fight for controller supremacy, the winners are the players.

See you space cowboys…



1. Durval - December 14, 2009

The wand is the archetype for most instruments (and weapons) created by humans along their history. Remember 2001 Space Odissey.

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