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I had to come to Canada January 10, 2010

Posted by Cesar in gaming me.
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cat burglar

Funny how life plays tricks on you sometimes, eh? I lived for years in Brazil. My parents place was robbed once when I had just gotten my NES for Christmas (luckily they didn’t take it!). And that was it. Even living in São Paulo, I never had problems.

I had to come to Canada to be robbed again. On Friday some small time crook (by the way there’s a great Woody Alen by that name) broke into our appartment and took our notebook and digital camera. My wife’s theory is that they found out we were from Brazil and wanted us to feel at home. Sounds like a pretty solid explanation to me.

Because of my nerdiness everything in the HD was password protected, so the bastards can’t get much information from it without some effort. So I lost some piece of software I was developing but it wasn’t much and we lost a lot of pictures, which is a shame. Thankfully, we are very good at turning lemons into lemonade. Yesterday I got a new and improved notebook, which I spent up till now configuring, and a new camera (again much better than the one I had before). So now it is all good.

I hope it doesn’t happen again though. There’s only so much lemonade I can take.

See you space cowboys…



1. max - January 21, 2010

i hope u get your electronics back

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