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Happy anniversary January 17, 2010

Posted by Cesar in living me.

anniversary candles

Mariana called me at work today (yes, I know it is Sunday) and reminded me it’s been one year since we arrived in St. John’s. We left Brazil on the 16th and got to the Franklin Hotel on January 17th, 2009.

Boy, was it an eventful year. Crazy trip, new city, new culture, new weather, new people, lots of snow.

Then I broke my wrist, had surgery and recovered (thanks Doctor Rockwood!).

We then released CSI for the DS and I started on a new project.

Mariana on her side got a new job, then moved on to a better one and started taking courses at Memorial University.

We got two kitties: Sushi and Sake. And then after two months we realized Sake was a boy! Afraid for his identity crisis, we changed his name to Tsume (very manly!) and started treating him like a boy. He’s a bit rebellious, but he’s ok.

During the extremely short St. John’s summer, we went on a boat to see whales. It was amazing. Then my parents came to visit and we went on a road trip through Newfoundland, it was really cool. Very impressive landscape.

Mariana and I had our first Halloween in North America (far more interesting than in Brazil) and even though it wasn’t snowing, there was a lot of snow on the ground for our Christmas party!

It was great. May the new year be as much fun as the one that ended. And hopefully it won’t involve another broken wrist.

See you space cowboys…



1. Cesar - January 28, 2010

yeah, broken wrist sucks…. but Yay Canada nonetheless!!!!!

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