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Hello world! September 27, 2009

Posted by Cesar in gaming me.
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Hello world! Well, this is my first post but since I already spent a lot of time on the blog’s layout (I hope everyone likes it), I’m a bit tired and uninspired so I am going to make this a meta-post and talk about me and blogging.

The best description I can give of myself in one word is gamer. I like any kind of game. Minesweeper, poker, football (and don’t tell me it’s soccer), Gears of War, basketball, Metal Gear Solid, Tetris, Formula 1, Hockey. If they are keeping score, I’m interested. Except for baseball, but I will save this for another post.

So I hope to write about all that and other crazy s$#! that goes on in my mind. That and my jorney from Brazil to Canada, the next step in my game programming career. From a Summer of 35 degrees Celsius to a Winter of -25. Talk about a big change, eh?

But all in time, so that’s it so far. See you space cowboys…

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